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Laboratory Set-Ups:

Electrical Machines Lab:PC Based Synchronization of Two Alternators

PC Based Synchronization of Two Alternators
We were engaged by a leading educational institute to develop a system for PC Based Synchronization of Two Alternators .This system consisted of voltage and frequency transducers;data acquisition cards;signal conditioning and other additional circuitry. The conditions for parallel operation;terminal voltages of each alternators are read through the system and when all parameters are equal , the system is put on parallel through the icon provided on the PC.
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Machine Vision Lab

Machine Vision Lab
Image processing is considere to be one of the most rapidly evolving areas of information technology today, with growing applications in all areas of business. It forms the core area of research within the engineering discipline at all leading institutions. The universities play a central role in leading the digital image resolution, both in research they advance and in the students they teach . Machine Vision is an upcoming field throwing up tremendous opportunities for jobs and research. Begapt's Machine vision lab is an initiative to bring real time image processing into the curriculum. With its varied mechanical set ups and experiments; the lab is aimed to teach the students the various application which is currently in us. Besides it throws up ample avenues for academic research and project development. What's more, the setup is straightforward enough to be used in the Image Processing Lab.
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