About Test & Measurement

The test and measurement systems centers on the development of tools used to analyze, validate, and verify measurements of electronic and mechanical systems. Due to the increasing need for greater accuracy and higher definition measurement, the tools involved are constantly developing to accommodate technological advancements in the industries they cater to. We develop both general use and highly specialized tools and caters primarily to high-tech industrial, automotive, communications, and medical electronics industries.

Data measurement is increasingly getting more and more complex, however, we constantly strive for greater and greater accuracy to accommodate the greater use of micro technology and increasingly complex systems. Beyond a quantitative increase in accuracy, our systems also provide tools to measure things otherwise too complex to measure with other instruments.

Begapt is familiar with advanced system architecture and techniques suited for test & measurement and automation for the whole gamut of industries. We have over the years developed expertise in application software development for Test & Measurement and Automation. Our software designs are built for scalability and increased functionality. Our systems guarantees maximum accuracy of measurement results and enables optimization of the complete product life cycle; from development through the testing stages, as well as in manufacturing and production.

The Begapt team comprises of well-qualified engineers from diverse engineering background. Our capabilities allow us to combine software, custom electronics, off the shelf and custom measurement and test equipment, programmable power supplies, real-time controllers, PLC's etc, into a unique and cost effective solution. We have developed several ATE for testing the functional performance and life cycle requirements of various products.

Apart from above; we also provide offshore outsourcing services for software development and validation testing. Begapt specializes in the design and development of world-class automated test equipment for a diverse set of applications. We have successfully addressed the differing test equipment needs, from both small firms, industry giants and research institutions.

Test& Measurement

From Sensors to Software, we provide you the complete measurement chain.


We work closely with the customer during all phases of the project life cycle involving in developing:

  • Off the shelf products
  • Custom solutions
  • Software projects

    Engineering Services: