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For decades the human eye has been used to monitor assembly-line output. Humans are flexible, robust, and easy to train inspection "systems",but are not fast, accurate or reliable. Machine Vision Technology was introduced to overcome the limitations of human vision. A Machine Vision system replaces human vision when visual inspections and measurements are fast, repetitive, precise, and detailed. The Machine doesn't tire or miss inspecting a part, even when the parts are moving too fast for us to see. A Machine Vision system consists of a way to detect when a part is present to be inspected, lighting and optics to form an image of the part, a camera to translate the light image into an electronic image, and a vision computer and software to inspect and measure the parts.

Machine Vision has become a key component for quality assurance and product handling in packaging,automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, sporting goods, and many other industries.

We can make low-cost, easy-to-use vision systems customized to your specific need. Just as you shouldn't use a crescent wrench as a hammer, you wouldn't want to use a smart camera designed for monitoring process color to tell you part locations. It might work, but not very well and would be going against the extensive design that makes the vision system easy-to-use for a particular task.

Our Vision Systems are low cost with high return on Investments. However, when you consider the cost of a human inspector letting bad product escape, you can easily justify a low cost machine vision system. In some industries, the consumer-end cost might be inconvenience or irritation. In the pharmaceutical field, the difference could be between life and death.

We have developed diverse set of machine vision solutions & products that serve multilple industries. It is very likely we have a solution that meets your requirement.

Integrated System:

Complete Turnkey Inspection solution installed as a standalone application or an add-on on the existing automation line. Machine vision solutions from Begapt feature a complete performance guarantee.

Engineering Sevices:

Machine Vision Consulting, Project Management, Programming, Installation and Training.

To find out more about how Begapt can help you in developing a custom system for your requirements, Contact Us.

Machine Vision

Regardless of the industry,if the production and quality criteria can be seen, then machine vision far surpases the ability of a human to see that citeria.