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Poka Yoke is a mistake proofing methodology used in manufacturing now a days. It is an essentially used component of lean manufacturing process as it helps in avoiding wastage of resources due to manufacturing defects. Vision based Poka Yoke can be very effective in mistake proofing your manufacturing setups. Using special custom cameras, you can inspect your product and detect defects based on parameters like:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Dimension
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Presence absence of component
  • Component Counting etc
  • Some application areas and industries which use our vision based Poka Yoke methodology are:

    Automotive Industry -

  • Non contact gauging/dimensioning
  • Spark Plug Inspection
  • Instrument Cluster Calibration and Inspection
  • Part tracing in production lines with 1D and 2D barcodes
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    Pharma -

  • Pharma Code Inspection
  • 2D Code Inspection
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    Electronics -

  • Assembled PCB inspection(presence-absence, orientation, dry solder, Short circuits etc)
  • Bare PCB Inspection(holes, traces, solder aste, screen print)
  • Capacitor inspection (bent legs, leg length etc)

  • General Manufacturing Assembly -

  • Automated visual inspection of machine parts
  • Mechanical assembly inspection for presence absence, orientation, engagement etc.
  • Inspection of parts for physical damage, scratches etc.
  • Size/shape based sorting(metal, rubber plastic parts)
  • Parts counting on assembling lines
  • Parts alignment during automated assembly
  • Automatic control of welding process
  • Surface defect inspection