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Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System as the name implies are product and /or processes used to collect information to document or analyze some phenomenon. In the simplest form a technician logging the temperature of an oven on a piece of paper is performing data acquisition. As Technology has progressed, this type of process has been simplified and made more accurate, versatile and reliable through electronic equipments. Equipment ranges from simplest recorder to sophisticated computer systems. Data Acquisition products serve as a focal point in a system, bringing together a wide variety of products such as sensors that indicate temperature, flow, level or pressure.

Test Data Management

Today Test Data is being generated like never before and we suddenly find ourselves flooded with a deluge of data. Test Data being generated during the development cycle of a product, simulation of products or systems, crash tests of products etc. If managed properly this holds the key to improving systems and products for better performance and quality. For example, some critical applications like flight crash testing employ several hundreds of sensors to record various parameters and this crash event data plays a very significant role in making important design decisions. Huge costs are involved in conducting the test and it is very essential that maximum amount of data is collected for post-analysis. Hence Test Data Management along with data acquisition plays a very important role in extracting useful nuggets of information from the test data.

Few of Our Installed Customized Test & Measurement Systems -

Data Acquisition System for Ship Hydrodynamic Lab:

Data Acquisition System for Ship Hydrodynamic Lab
We were engaged by IIT-Kharagpur to develop Data Acquisition System for Ship Hydrodynamic Lab. The challenge was to design a system with which uniform velocity of towing carriage could be achieved in shortest possible time and real time data of different parameters of ship model like water resistance, angle of trim, height, thrust ,torque and speed of the towing carriage could be measured with precision. The supplied system comprises of-Digitized Drive arrangement and a data acquisition unit. The Digital Device can be control through the PC and the speed of the drive is set through software. Once towing carriage achieves uniform velocity; different parameter of the ship(water resistance, angle of trim, height, thrust ,torque etc) is acquired for particular time period at very high sample rate, After acquiring, analysis of data is done by the software.For more product information contact us.

Resistance Measurement Machine:

Resistance Measurement Machine
Our customer for this solution is leading OEM manufacturer. The customer wanted to measure resistance of the wire.Wires were connected with one end crimped and stripped at center and given controlled oscillatory movements. Resistance data with variations of Mili-ohm was the recorded and stored at repeated interval of time. NI-PXI system, servo motors, LabVIEW apart from various other electronic circuitary was used in unison to create a flexible system. For more product information contact us.

Create your own Custom Automated Test Equipment

We can design and Create your own Custom Automated Test Equipment -Test & Measurement as well as vision based. If you have a process that requires testing, you can reap the benefits of automated testing by letting us design and build a complete system for you. The Begapt Team comprises of well qualified engineers from diverse engineering background. Our capabilities allow us to combine software, custom electronics, off the shelf or custom measurement test equipments, programmable power supplies, real time controller, PLCs etc, into a unique cost effective solutions.You can take subjectivity, human error, unrepeatable test result out of the picture and at the same time save on labor and have your technicians be more productive. Call us today and see how we can help. For scheduling a protect study or discussing your requirement contact us.